We wish to thank Booz Allen Hamilton, our Foundation Partner, for helping us achieve our mission to create DMAX Clubs on college campuses. These clubs provide caring and comfortable spaces for students to share how they are doing, how their friends are doing, and to help each other.

“Booz Allen Hamilton proudly supports DMAX because the foundation brings together two important matters for our firm, emotional wellness and college-age students. We champion a holistic wellness approach among our employees, one that places mental health on equal footing with physical health. And we bring nearly 800 college students, full time and summer, into our workforce annually. The more healthy and aware these students are emotionally, the more they will flourish in our environment.”-Joe Sifer, Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Janssen’s partnership is also supporting our upcoming event, Courageous Conversations Take Teamwork. This event will bring together a star-studded panel of athletes to talk about mental health. Learn more and register.

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