DMAX Club at Temple has been approved, and DMAX Club at PSU has elected a new President! Come and meet them and other DMAX Club members at DMAX Foundation’s event, Courageous Conversations Take Teamwork on April 4, 2018 at The Shipley School.  Read more about DMAX Club Officers on the DMAX Club page

AJ Rodriguez, President of DMAX Club at Penn State University

Hi! My name is Anibal Rodriguez and I’m the President of the DMAX club at Penn State. I’m a freshman Psych major. I joined DMAX because of my love of helping people and creating a space where people feel comfortable. I think conversations are important because they allow people to let out their feelings while maybe enlightening others with a new point of view. Fun fact: I’ve been stuck in a foreign country twice because of snowstorms in the U.S.!”



Michael Nghe, DMAX Club President at Temple University

“I am an electrical engineer, but I have no interest in engineering besides to learn how to make my own clean energy, make money in the future, and the next advance VR machine (Virtual Reality System). What do I love to do? Draw, write poems, sing alone, exercise, and sometimes learn psychology stuff. Yep, not your ideal president for this club…I’m glad I took this start such an important organization at Temple University. As I lived my life so far, I always think that perhaps my life’s goal should be to at least make a positive, significant impact towards, at least, one person’s life.  I hope that my actions will lead to more great things happening. Swing by our general meetings and let’s talk!”

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