DMAX Foundation is pleased to participate in Employee Gift Matching programs. Current gift matching employers are listed below with instructions for making your gift. If your employer is not included, please contact us to set up a gift match by emailing



Click to Care – Easy Match Program

Submit a New Request

  1. Choose Cash/Check if: you have already paid DMAX Foundation via cash/check or credit card; or you will be sending your funds (either check or credit card payment) directly to DMAX Foundation.
  2. Choose Credit if: you have not already made your donation directly to DMAX Foundation and would like to submit the donation through the website.

Select Your Charity

  1. Search name of charity “DMAX Foundation”
  2. Choose the date you have donated (or today’s date if donating through the website)
  3. Enter the amount you are donating into Tax Deductible Gift Amount and Gift Amount to Match fields. Gift must be over $25.
  4. If there is a specific program or remarks for DMAX Foundation, enter it into the Purpose field. For example, if you are supporting a specific event or in remembrance of someone.

Click Continue and continue through the on-screen instructions to complete the request.

Download J&J Matching Contribution Instructions



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