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We are putting your contributions to work by creating DMAX Clubs on college campuses so students facing mental or emotional challenges can get the help they need.  Research shows that students facing these challenges often can’t or don’t get help because of stigma or lack of resources.  DMAX Clubs create a place where students can have Conversations That Matter to talk openly with each other about how they are doing, how their friends are doing and how they can help each other.  DMAX Clubs enable students to break the silence that can result in tragic consequences when they feel they have to hide how they are really doing.  


Our mission is to eliminate stigma and encourage safe and caring conversations about mental health issues and emotional pain in our youth.


I am interested in DMAX because I believe in the importance of starting a conversation about mental health. As someone who struggled with these issues, I know how lonely it can be and I want to provide a space for young people like myself to come and talk about how they feel. College can be stressful and it's time we opened up about it! -Cindy Fox, President of DMAX Club at Drexel University
I knew how much Penn State needs an organization like DMAX, and when I found out about it, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to join. The outpour of support from Penn State has been amazing...DMAX will accomplish it's one main goal: to give everyone a small place in big world, where they can have unwavering support and encouragement. I know that DMAX will help Penn State to become a lead example for mental health on college campuses!   - Shia Miller, President of DMAX Club at PSU
I am involved in DMAX because I suffer from very serious and sometimes debilitating mental illnesses. My overall goal is to help people like me and allow them to know that what they go through, they don’t go through alone. I have also found comfort on campus within the DMAX club. The people are supportive in and out of meetings and it is something I’ve needed while at Elon but haven’t always had. - Rachel Gledhill, DMAX Club at Elon University

of Elon's DMAX Club members reported that DMAX provides help, beneficial resources and support they can’t get elsewhere, that enables them to be successful in college. 


DMAX is growing quickly and we need your continued support to launch new DMAX Clubs in the coming year! Our goal is to have 4-6 clubs in the Philadelphia area by the end of 2018 such as:


Since it's establishment in 2013, DMAX Foundation has relied on the support of our Caring Community. We can't do it without YOU! Together we can bring DMAX Clubs to college campuses throughout the nation so college students can get the support they need.  Make your contribution today to our 2017 Caring Community Campaign and help DMAX Foundation achieve our mission.  Give your tax-deductible gift by clicking DONATE.  Double your impact!   Check with your employer about matching contributions.