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DMAX Club at Elon University

a student led, mental health related social club on a college campus, fostering the mission of DMAX Foundation: to eliminate stigma and encourage safe and caring conversations about mental and emotional issues in our youth.  Most importantly, DMAX Clubs create an environment for students to get together and talk about how they are doing, how their friends are doing and how they can help each other. Clubs are for all students those that may be concerned about this issue for themselves or others; and those that are facing mental health issues, emotional challenges or are experiencing stress related to being a college student. DMAX Clubs are for Conversations That Matter, fun, food and activities that are related to mental health. The clubs create an environment for Friends Helping Friends.


A Fruit Bash! A smashing good way to let off some steam!



DMAX Club is a fantastic medium for students to engage with each other, enabling social support and self-empowerment. While some peer groups involve a leader imparting and helping its members, the DMAX Club model involves all of the members and leaders helping each other and influencing the direction of the club topics, activities and event.  DMAX Clubs are not just about sitting around a circle talking about topics, but also involve activities, both educational and fun. Some students may be more comfortable sharing with others when they are sitting around talking about a particular topic, while others may open up to someone while at a pancake breakfast, playing frisbee or attending an educational program.  DMAX Clubs provide an environment where discussion, fun, food and activity combine to enable students feel like they can be who they really are and don’t have to hide how they are really doing.


DMAX Clubs follow a simple and effective model. The Club student leaders are trained by their campus counseling center on

○ active listening

○ campus emergency procedures

○ recognizing when referrals are necessary and knowing how to make them

○ avoiding engaging in “therapy”

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The student leaders impart the learnings of the training to other members of the Club so that they all become familiar with the training and help to create a trusting, comfortable environment for each other.  In addition, club members may also be provided with the same training by the counseling center.

DMAX Foundation has created two manuals for use by students who wish to start a DMAX Club.  The first is called DMAX Club Startup Guide and Operating Manual.  The second manual, Tips Topics and Tactics is a detailed reference guide to possible topics, activities and events.

In addition, each year DMAX Clubs will host one or more events from a menu of activities provided by the DMAX Foundation. These events can be offered to a broader audience on campus or even campus-wide. They may include student speakers, a challenge day, a “friend”-raising and fundraising event, and other activities that help raise awareness and eliminate stigma around mental and emotional troubles.


President of DMAX Club at Elon, Ashley Jacks, on Elon Local News Morning Show:

Meet DMAX Club Officers


Shia Miller, President of DMAX Club at PSU

The DMAX Club at Penn State University has chosen Shia Miller as its first President. Shia, a junior studying Neuropsychology and African American studies, shares why she chose to lead DMAX.

“When I was first diagnosed with anxiety, I didn’t have an outlet. I felt that none of my peers could relate or ease my situation. This was the main motivation behind choosing my major and eventually being part of the DMAX organization. I knew how much Penn State needs an organization like DMAX, and when I found out about it, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to join.

‘I chose to lead this chapter because I have so many great ideas and visions for DMAX that will lead to it spreading to college campuses everywhere. The outpour of support from Penn State has been amazing, When I sought students to interview about their interest in DMAX, lots of students responded and wanted to learn more. I expect even more interest when we officially begin the club. {The club was approved in Spring 2017 and started in Fall 2017} I hope that DMAX will accomplish it’s one main goal: to give everyone a small place in big world, where they can have unwavering support and encouragement. I know that DMAX will help Penn State to become a lead example for mental health on college campuses!”



Cindy Fox, President of DMAX Club at Drexel University

A Communications Major with a concentration in public relations, Cindy will take on the role of President of the DMAX Club at Drexel University.






Testimonials from DMAX Club Members


“I am involved in DMAX because I suffer from very serious and sometimes debilitating mental illnesses. My overall goal is to help people like me and allow them to know that what they go through, they don’t go through alone. …. The people are supportive in and out of meetings and it is something I’ve needed while at Elon but haven’t always had. ”-Rachel Gledhill, DMAX Club at Elon University




“An incredible group of peers that come together over both the struggles and accomplishments faced in daily life. When you have no one else to turn to about your less-than-ideal week, the campus DMAX Club is always there with a listening ear and open arms. Here, we share food and tell our own stories of mental health and mental illness; we partake in activities … that inspire confidence and trust … Elon needs a DMAX Club to foster a safe environment led by students for students. … All college campuses could revel in a safe space – and family – like this on campus.” -Stefanie Milovic, DMAX Club at Elon University



“D-MAX has been a great place for college students to speak with each other about anything on their mind. It turns out that a lot of people have the same problems, and because of this we are able to share different opinions and ideas creating a neat atmosphere. We are one of the few clubs that are able to do this making D-MAX at Elon a valuable resource to others.” -Ben Kleiman, DMAX Club at Elon University




“I am involved with DMAX Club because all humans struggle with mental health at some point in their lives and especially in college. Whether it be a mental illness or simply feeling stressed out, DMAX allows students like myself to have a place to talk about our issues with other students who may be experiencing similar difficulties in life…Our goal is to make friends and help each other out through this stage of our lives.” -Samantha Soucy, DMAX Club at Elon University




For more support, please visit Half of Us at to find someone to talk to.

To learn more about depression, mental health challenges, and emotional troubles and what to do if you need help, go to:

If you or somebody you know is in immediate danger of suicide, please call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 right away for help.


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