DMAX Foundation is pleased to announce it has received a grant from the Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Memorial Fund. These funds will support the Foundation’s Spring 2018 Educational Event, Courageous Conversations Take Teamwork

This event will bring together a panel of professional athletes to discuss mental health in the sporting world; Blair Thomas, Moderator, Penn State & New York Jets Running Back; Michael Haynes, Penn State & Chicago Bears Defensive End, Education Leader; Charlene Morett, Olympian and Penn State Field Hockey Coach; Greg Ambrogi, UPenn Football and co-founder, Kyle Ambrogi Foundation.

Athletes are perceived as successful and strong and able to meet every challenge.  As a result, there is increased pressure to keep silent about emotional pain, to the extent that emotional needs are often overlooked.  DMAX believes that having Courageous Conversations about mental health is critical. Because athletes are important roles models to our young people, hearing from them about their emotional life will help make a difference in the ability of others to do the same.  When young people can talk about mental health, they are less likely to engage in behaviors that can lead to tragic results. Athlete mental health is so important, but still largely unaddressed in today’s sports world. DMAX Foundation seeks to start the conversation about athlete mental health at their spring event by bringing together our caring community and star athletes with local roots.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Students are free with ID.

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