DMAX Foundation is pleased to announce it has received a grant from the Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Memorial Fund. These funds will support the Foundation’s Spring 2018 Educational Event

DMAX Foundation’s mission is to eliminate stigma and encourage safe and caring conversations about mental issues and emotional concerns in our youth, particularly in colleges. To accomplish its mission, DMAX Foundation is establishing and supporting DMAX Clubs on college campuses for all students to get together and help each other talk about the difficult emotional issues they may be experiencing.  The clubs help reduce the sense of isolation and hopelessness for students who may be suffering from mental or emotional issues and can’t or don’t seek the help they need.

DMAX addresses a significant unmet need on college campuses where those suffering from mental health issues often can’t or don’t seek counseling services because of stigma, overcrowding, and lack of resources, often leading to tragic results.  Research shows 34.2%-50% of college students with a mental health condition don’t talk about it or use college mental health services. DMAX Clubs encourage students to share with their peers what is going on for them, so they can help each other and feel less isolated or different from others.

Check back soon for further details about the Spring 2018 Educational Event!

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