Thank you for your interest in starting a DMAX Club at your school!

Here are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a DMAX Club?

A DMAX Club is a student-led, mental health-related social club on a college campus that creates an environment for students to get together and talk about how they are doing, how their friends are doing and how they can help each other. DMAX Clubs are for all students who care about mental health for themselves and others and want to participate in mental health-related “Conversations That Matter.” DMAX Clubs involve “Conversations Meetings”, fun, food, and activities. The clubs foster the mission of DMAX Foundation: to eliminate stigma and encourage safe and caring conversations about mental and emotional issues in our youth.

What is a DMAX Club Officer?

A DMAX Club Officer is a leader in the club.  This might be as President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc.  You will meet each month with the other officers that make up the Executive Board, to plan meetings and activities for the Club. DMAX Club officers are “hosts” of the DMAX Club meetings, and are trained by the Counseling Center in active listening, handling emergencies and knowing how to refrain from crossing the line between Conversations That Matter and “therapy.”

What Officer roles are available?

DMAX Club requires the following officer roles:

  • President: Runs the board meetings, enforces the rules specified in this manual and the Club’s bylaws or constitution, oversees regular meetings along with the Conversation Leaders.
  • Vice President: In charge when the President it is not available and in charge of coordinating other planned events and fundraising.
  • Treasurer: Handles the club’s money, keeping track of revenue that may stem from fundraising, fees collected at events, or funding from the school or DMAX Foundation.  The treasurer is also responsible for the Club’s budget. The Treasurer also pays the bills for the club’s operations and activities and keeps records of all debits and credits for accounting purposes.
  • Secretary: Keeps a summary of each regular meeting on a form that the Foundation will provide, including topics discussed or activities conducted, attendance, a general impression about the meeting and any suggestions for future meetings; keeps minutes for the Board meetings; assists with the activities and events of the club.
  • DMAX Club Conversation Leaders:  Essential to all DMAX Club chapters, there should be two students who lead regular Conversations That Matter meetings. As indicated above, these positions may be filled by one or two of the main officers.  
  • National Liaison:  Maintains the Club’s relationship with DMAX Foundation.  Receives and distributes materials provided by DMAX Foundation.  Ensures that DMAX Foundation surveys and evaluations are conducted and returned to the Foundation no later than the due date.  

Your Club may also choose to add additional roles such as:

  • Webmaster & Social Media Manager or Public Relations Chair
  • Program Coordinator
  • Membership Chair
  • Historian
  • Advertising Chair
  • Outcomes Researcher
  • Student Government Liaison

What are the qualities/skills of a DMAX Club Officer?

Students from any major or field of interest are welcome!  DMAX Club can help you build and improve leadership skills.  Here are some helpful leadership qualities:

  • Openness
  • Empathy
  • Honesty
  • Organization
  • Good communication skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Ability to lead, plan and execute meetings/events

What are the time commitment and requirements of a DMAX Club Officer?

DMAX Foundation makes starting a club easy! The DMAX Club Startup Guide and Operating Manual will take you step-by-step through the process.  You will also have a DMAX Foundation Staff Liaison to help you when you need it.

Starting a DMAX Club is much like starting any other club on your campus.  

  • Gather a few other students that are interested in assuming officer roles on the Executive Board.
  • Gain approval for the club from Student Affairs.  
  • Gather other members of the club and start holding meetings.  

DMAX Foundation is a National Mental Health Organization, so there few additional items:

  • Receive approval from DMAX Foundation via a few easy forms to fill out
  • Receive brief training by the Counseling Center that allows you to recognize and respond to mental health emergencies.
  • Add one, two or three additional officer positions
    • A National Liaison who communicates between the club and the Foundation
    • Two Conversation Leaders for the Conversation Meetings.  Any officer may be a Conversation Leader, or you may elect/appoint an additional one or two students for this role.

Once the club is up and running:

  • Officers hold and attend weekly/bi-weekly Conversation meetings with the general membership
  • Officers attend Executive Board meetings each month
  • Officers plan and attend educational and fun activities each semester
  • Officers receive training from the Counseling Center
  • President communicates with DMAX Foundation a few times per semester
  • National Liaison communicates with DMAX Foundation when needed

What is the Officer term length?

Most often, officers hold their position for one academic year, with new officers being elected at the end of the academic year.


As a DMAX Club Officers, you have the opportunity to:

  • Build leadership skills to use professionally and personally
  • Be on the ground floor of a startup foundation and help it grow
  • Receive mental health training that can be used in your community and professional life.
  • Build your resume!
  • Become more valuable to potential employers as conversations about mental health are becoming increasingly important in the workplace.  
  • Network with Corporate Partners of DMAX who care about mental health including Fortune 500 leaders in consulting, engineering, finance, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Network with other DMAX Clubs
  • Increase mental wellness for your fellow classmates and help change the local/global conversation about mental health and wellness.

Looking for some inspiration?

Visit to learn more and meet leaders of DMAX Clubs.

Still have further questions or not sure about being a leader?

Contact us! Even if you decide not to be a DMAX Club Officer, the club would love to have you as a member. Let us know and we will add your name to your school’s DMAX Mailing List.

Are you ready to lead?

Contact Kris Kelley Majors, DMAX Foundation’s Outreach and Administrative Coordinator at

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