We are thrilled to announce that Drexel University will join DMAX Foundation this coming fall in establishing a DMAX Club on campus. Drexel will join Penn State University and Elon University as the third college campus to have a DMAX Club.

Cindy Fox and Chloe Corkery have been working diligently for the past seven months to establish the club on the university’s campus. After meeting on numerous occasions with faculty from campus activities and student engagement, the pair received official approval for DMAX last week. They are looking forward to getting the club up and running this fall.

Cindy will take on the role of president of Drexel’s DMAX Club. She is a communication major with a concentration in public relations and is currently finishing up her sophomore year at Drexel University. Chloe is also finishing up sophomore year at Drexel University. She will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy this fall, a program designed for her major in Design and Merchandising. She will return as a member in winter and hopes to take on a officer position in the future.

For more information about starting a DMAX Club on your college campus, visit our DMAX Clubs page and contact Kris Kelley, Outreach and Administrative Coordinator, at 443-282-4062 or kris@dmaxfoundation.org.


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